Meet the artist

Andrei Giurescu, the founder of Heritage Owl Crafts has been an accredited photographer, travelling the world with his camera since 2015. Best known for his intimate landscapes, most of his images are filled with a sense of peace and belonging. 


“I am always looking for details that most people walk past. While the grandest of landscapes have their appeal, I find myself again and again attracted to smaller scenes and aspects of the land that show glimpses of optimism and nature thriving.”


“I have been refining my craft over the years and only the best images have my signature on them. While some luck is involved in some of my images, as in any successful project, most of them take a lot of planning in advance. Both the light and weather conditions must cooperate. Then not only do the files have to meet strict technical quality requirements, but they also resonate with my personal aesthetic. After meeting these two standards, all the images go through an intense adjustment process in the digital darkroom, to bring out the finer details and subtle nuances to make them stand out. It is even at this late stage that some images just don’t make the cut.”