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Big Tree in Morning Fog Canvas

Big Tree in Morning Fog Canvas

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I woke up early, feeling excited and determined. My intentions were to photograph this old tree like it had never been done before. I had researched the location for weeks and had a clear vision of what I wanted to capture.

As I stepped out of my car, the morning air was cool and crisp, with a hint of dew on the ground. The sun was just starting to rise, casting a beautiful golden light over the landscape. The birds were singing their sweet melodies, and I could smell the freshness of the forest.

My first barrier was how to get there. I had to cross a river and climb a steep hill to reach the tree. But I was determined to succeed, and I started my journey, feeling the adrenaline pumping through my veins.

As I approached the location, I noticed closed gates blocking my way and a schedule plaque, showing opening hours way after any usable light would have passed. My heart sank, but I knew I couldn't give up. I searched for another route, and shortly after, I found a way around the gates.

Just as I reached the top of the hill, I narrowly avoided disaster as I stumbled on a loose rock. I regained my footing and continued onwards, determined not to let anything stop me. However, my luck was about to run out as I was confronted by a local guard who didn't want to let me in.

I could feel my heart racing as I explained my intentions to the guard, and after much persuasion, he finally allowed me to pass. As I got closer to the tree, I could feel my excitement building up inside me. I set up my equipment and focused on the tree, capturing every detail, every contour, and every color.

And then, just as I was about to pack up my camera and leave, I got the shot. It was perfect. A tribute to the old tree and everything it represented. I smiled to myself, knowing that I had succeeded in capturing its essence. As I made my way back, the sounds, sights, smells, and sensations of the morning lingered in my memory, and I knew that this was a journey I would never forget.

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